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Visitor Questions


Images below are from the BETA Test version of the MWOT™ that operated from
2013 until 2015 and was created with the talents of our team of creative volunteers from around the world.
The test displays were designed by Founder and President of the Now Cloased Non Profit Mini World Frank Ruby.

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Our New Proposed Permanent Location Is
(subject to the $800K in cash funding we are seeking)

Investment Offer FAQ

Tiered Rewards

Q. What are the Tiered Investment Perks?

A. When you invest in our company, not only do you receive equity as a "member" of the Lilliput™ LLC dba Miniature World Of Trains™ based on your portion the proposed $7,000,000 investment over time with initial funding of $800,000, but you also receive special access to our attraction and other perks, depending on your level of investment. Check out our investor perks both personal and corporate.


Q. Do you have a date for the pre-launch investor sneak previews of the attraction?

A. Throughout the life of the project there will be special  'sneak peeks' for investors only as well as other overview eetings that will occur as needed before and after the venue open to the general public. The biggest 'sneak peek' will be set for 4-12 weeks in advance of opening day, and we will send investors an invite for this date well in advance.

Equity, Stock & Ownership

Q.  Is this campaign an investment or a donation?

A. This is an investment. You will be a member of the Lilliput™ LLC dba Miniature World Of Trains™.
. There are no shares just a percentage of the overall $800K in funding. You will reap the rewards and unfortunately the potential loses, commensurate to your level of investment. The perks are in addition to the equity stake that you receive. For example if your investment is $10,000 you will own 1.25% of the LLC and receive 1.25% of the profits after reinvestment and initial investor payback as the LLC moves forward.

Q. Can you send me the financials and details of the offer?

A. Full details will be available as they become available. Most of the information the LLC has at this time is located throughout the current MWOT™ website. Please review all information carefully prior to investing. 

Q.  What is the procedure if I wish to invest more than $10,000?

A. Individuals who wish to invest over $10,000 are invited to contact the current CEO, Kelly Orr and Founder and President Frank Ruby directly, by email at fcruby@miniatureworldoftrains.com or by calling 864-255-4671


Q.  If I live outside of the USA, can I still invest?

A. The investment of any amount from $100 to $1,800,000 or more is available to residents of anyone world wide. The investment opportunity in the Lilliput™ LLC dba Miniature World Of Trains™.can  be made via our website, by mail or call to the corporate office.  Please note that there is a minimum investment threshold If you have questions regarding the minimum threshold for a particular province, please contact Founder and current Founder and President Frank Ruby directly, by email at fcruby@miniatureworldoftrains.com or by calling 864-255-4671.


Q. When is my equity investment “official” – how do I get notified?

Investors will invest through the any of the sources mentioned above will receive electronic notification from the Lilliput™ LLC dba Miniature World Of Trains™ once funds have been verified. Upon receiving such notification each "member" will be to take advantage of the benefits of being a member of the Lilliput™ LLC dba Miniature World Of Trains™ that come with their level of investment.


Q.  How will I make back my investment?

A.  Once revenue milestones (to be announced) have been achieved, management and /or the Board Of Directors will consider the best exit strategy for its "members" via payback of initial investment as soon as possible via yearly payouts less then or equal to the initial investment from the net revenues from each fiscal year less reinvestment dollars or the issuing additional debt instruments in order to drive further sales growth, a strategic merger with, or acquisition by, another entity in a similar market sector, or an IPO (Initial Public Offering) or creation of new exhibits and venues.


Q.  How many shares are available for investment?

A. There is no maximum number of "memberships" to the Lilliput™ LLC dba Miniature World Of Trains™ that are available for investment. We are seeking an initial $800,000 cash investment and with a future total of $7,000,000 and build all future Phases.

  • Individuals who wish to donate from $100 up to $999 can donate through the our website

  • Individuals who wish to invest from $1,000 up to $10,000 can invest through the our website

  • Individuals who wish to invest over $50,000 are asked to contact by email at fcruby@miniatureworldoftrains.com or by calling 864-255-4671

Q. What happens to my investment if you don’t raise the necessary funds?

A. If we do not achieve the minimum offering of $800,000, we will return all funds and the offering will be cancelled. All investor funds will be held in trust pending initial startup funding of a minimum $100,000 to help initially move the LLilliput™ LLC dba Miniature World Of Trains™  forward. All remaining funds will be fully refunded if we do not achieve the minimum offering.

Q. If I donate can I share in the profits?

A. Donations, no matter at what level, are not eligible to be a member of the Lilliput™ LLC dba Miniature World Of Trains™ at anytime. Money received under $999.99 are considered donations and are not eligible to become a member of the Lilliput™ LLC dba Miniature World Of Trains™. All investments of $1,000 or more makes you a member of the LLC.

ROI Calculator Spreadsheet Example


Business Plan

Q.  Why are you not building all of the USA or the World for launch?

A. Our vast, detailed miniature world is labor intensive. It takes over 30,000 hours and up to $500,000 to build Phase I for the Miniature World of Trains (Mid Sized City, Eastern and Western Mountains and large visible staging area) one destination. To launch all of the USA and the World in different scales at once would be time and capital prohibitive. Our plan is to launch with an initial set of Phase I, then quickly open a second less labor intensive but fun display and then add one or two displays or other phases in other scales to help promote our venue as well as model railroading in general. An initial Phase I launch will provide our guests with a minimum of 2 hours of entertainment in one visit. We will use positive cash flow and possible bank debt to launch a new destination every year or two but prefer to create the venue via the initial investment and reinvestment This approach of launching a smaller set of destinations and expanding with new destinations over time has been very successful for other miniature worlds and large theme parks like Walt Disney World. The plan to launch new destinations over time is a key way to drive return visits to our attraction and keep refreshing and adding onto the older displays


Q. Where will the attraction be located?

A. The Lilliput™ LLC dba Miniature World Of Trains™  location is to be announced but will be close to major leisure and tourism destinations in the Greenville, SC area such as Greenville Zoo (4 miles), Downtown Greenville (Children's Museum. Art and History Museums, Theaters and Stadiums) just 4. 5 miles away and BMW Zentrum (15 miles). It will be easily accessible by car and transit.

We have 6 location criteria:

1. ability to deliver a magical miniature experience with high quality displays in a family friendly safe an clean environment that is climate controlled.
2. sufficient space for our revenue programming eg. events, 3D printing, education / private parties
3. accessible by car, bus, transit, bicycle or foot and handicap accessible
4. proximity to other leisure destinations and traffic in the region
5. street level visibility
6. Build-out, leasing and operational costs

We have identified several locations and we are currently in discussions with the current owners at several properties in mind that will work well

Q. What ticket price will you charge?

A. Our financial model has set an adult full ticket price to start at just $10, which is well below first tier pricing in the attractions market. Child, student and senior tickets will be set at a discount to the adult ticket price, and further discounts will be available for on-line, timed entry tickets and group tickets/annual memberships. Over time as new displays and upgrades are added ticket pricing will increase.


Q. What are the planned revenues, costs, EBTDA margins, profits?

A. Details of the business plan are included ion the website including profit and loss projections based on the attendance of the Non profit Beta Test version in downtown Greenville, projected Phase I building cost projections, possible building schedule timeline and much more all based on EBTBA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization used as an indicator of the overall profitability of a business).

Q. Will the government or corporation provide assistance?

A. We are pursuing discussions with the corporate, municipal, state and federal levels of government but funding and assistance is not likely at this time.

The only way that the Lilliput™ LLC dba Miniature World Of Trains™  will come to fruition is with initial private cash capitalization.


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