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Images below are from the BETA Test version of the MWOT that operated from
2013 until 2015 and was created with the talents of our team of creative volunteers from around the world.
The test displays were designed by Founder and President of the Now Cloased Non Profit Mini World Frank Ruby.

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A little piece of the country you love and we love, the United States of America.  Invest or Donate to the Miniature World of Trains™ to help us build a miniature journey across the USA and other countries. Miniature World  the next big attraction in America!

America is a vast country of physical and cultural diversity. So vast that some would say it's impossible to experience in a lifetime. Our vision is to bring ost of the United States just a little bit closer, to build a place where people can see and experience our glorious country in all its splendor, in an afternoon.

A miniature adventure from coast to coast to coast!

To be located in Greenville, SC and open in late 2023 early 2024, the Miniature World Of Trains is a unique, compelling in-door theme park attraction that taps into the universal fascination we have with miniaturizing our known world, and celebrates the beauty and culture of this great country. It will be an immersive journey of discovery through a miniaturized America and other parts of the world as we move forward.

What we've built so far

At the Miniature World of Trains, we will be building a unique and compelling experience for our visitors that is unlike anything they have ever seen. We are combining the century's  old craft of model building, dollhouse-making and model ship building with the 21st century technologies of miniature lighting, video projection, 3D printing and augmented reality. Also using the "out of box" technologies of today's model railroading hobby and enhancing the hobbies capabilities. 

The founder of the Miniature World of Trains
has established and continues to recruit a talented team of model makers and miniature world builders from around the world to create the new, permanent version of the Miniature World of Trains™.

non profit test BETA version was created in 2012 , and with a non profit investment $500K and 75,000 man hours to create a BETA version of three initial destinations. The City of Greenburg a fictional city in South Carolina, City of Industry South Carolina and the Rocky Mountains. This BETA test was successful and now it is time to move forward with a larger. permanent venue.

Our version of Interstate 85 will be the busiest in the miniature world and in fact is the busiest in the real world Southeast Corridor, with custom autonomous car control system of self-driving cars zipping past each other.

As of 2015 we where just getting started. Now we have found a preferred land location to build the permanent version of the Miniature World of Trains™ and a location to house a temporary location while funding is secured for the permanent location.

Now, we're just getting started again to build a new. We're building the United States from coast to coast to coast following the path of the Continental Railroad from the east coast to the west coast starting with the east coast and the City of Greenburg™, a mid sized modern city with a large railroad presence, numerous interactive industries, large eastern and western mountain scenes and the largest model railroad staging area in the USA to start!  

Everyday we're recruiting our team of Animotioneers™ and Miniature World Builders™ who share our passion for the United States and we are seeking donors to help us accomplish this goal.

The Attractions Market - It's All About The Experience

Business is booming in Greenville, SC, a growing market of millions of local residence. In the region 2.5 million residents live in the Upstate of South Carolina. The Miniature World of Trains™ will be centrally located between Atlanta GA, Charlotte and Asheville, NC as well as Columbia, SC. Greenville, SC is the center of this tourist bulls eye with all cities about a average 1.5 hour drive from each city.

Starting with PHASE I at the leased location, the growing fictional city of Greenburg™, SC featuring highlights from the real cities of Greenville and Spartanburg, SC, and the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Saluda Grade and version one of the Rocky Mountains, visitors will be flocking our museum / attraction because it offers an immersive hands-on experiences in a clean and inviting facility with ample parking and access

Proof of Concept - Highly Rated Attractions

Our first miniature world proof of concept is Miniatur Wunderland, a 70,000 square foot indoor miniature world, opened in Hamburg, Germany, in 2001, which attracted 1.3M visitors in 2016. Miniatur Wunderland has become the #1 rated "thing to do" on TripAdvisor in all of Germany - you can google it - and was just named the #1 tourist attraction in Germany in a survey completed by Tourism Germany of over 16,000 respondents. Comments on TripAdvisor range from "You will fall in love with it. I am sure about it!" to "This will blow your mind!".

Inspired by the launch of Miniatur Wunderland, a number of other successful indoor miniature world attractions have opened across Europe, including Grand Market Russia in St. Petersburg, Russia in 2012, which has a stellar 4.8/5.0 rating on TripAdvisor and Mini-World Lyon in Lyon France, in 2016, which attracted 200,000 visitors in its first year.


The Math - Small is Big

The math in the attractions industry is a straight forward formula......

We're creating an immersive experience that will attract tourists and residents, adults and children, business people and students alike. We will open with two regions to explore, in one Greenville, SC location and the newest version of the Christmas Model Train Display™ (a holiday favorite from 2011-2015). And the plan is to launch a new destination every other year, to attract up to 500,000 or more visitors per year. Our revenue will come from admissions, food and beverage, 3D printed and miniature gifts, and corporate and social events. This is a place where people will want to celebrate special occasions and have group meetings and filed trips.

But initial startup capital needs to come for investors and donors!

The BETA Test version in downtown generated 80,000 visitors from around the world in its opening in 2013 to the last year of operation from July 2014-2015. This was done with very little advertising and the with little lack of parking in the downtown Greenville Falls Park Area of the West End.

Imagine what could have been down with parking in the area!

Small World, Big Media

The Miniature World Of Trains BETA™ Test has generated numerous media broadcast and media. And this will continue as the Miniature World of Trains™ (MWOTSC™ ) moves forward.

Invest or Donate To Help Build "Our World In Miniature"™
And Country Love

When you invest or donate to the Miniature World Of Trains™ (MWOT™), you're helping to build a vast attraction that's small enough for everyone to visit. Your investment or donation will help us to complete the PHASE I leased location with parking for up to 125 vehicles, RV's and buses, Phase I of 20 different phases of the Miniature World of Trains™ that will cover travel from the eastern 13 original colonies of America westward to California.

It will also allow you to help create little piece of the Miniature World Of Trains™ for opening day, literally. In addition to investing or donating in the MWOT™, you will be invited to enjoy the perks of our investors and donors.

You will become one of many Miniature World Builders™ and receive a 3D printed version of yourself, or whomever you'd like, to be placed anywhere on the displays within "our world in miniature"™. And depending on your level of investment, you will receive special access to our facility.

Please join us in building an exciting new legacy to this great country of ours, a journey of discovery and delight from coast to coast to coast, that anyone can enjoy in just one visit.

Our Miniature Builder Perks Program

As a Miniature World of Trains™ investor builder, you'll receive special access to the Miniature World of Trains™, and we'll 3D shrink you, and place you in our miniature America. You can also be 3D printed to be a part of our Builders Circle, in Central Station™, our lobby and on our website.

And, the first two hundred donors, at any level, will receive a
 limited edition Miniature World of Trains™ Donor T-Shirt.

Get additional perks when you invest or donate
$1,000 - Receive
Platform 1
 Street Level Builder + 10 VIP Tickets + Sneak Preview +
3D Printed 1-inch "mini-you ™"
$2,500 - Receive
Platform 2
 Neighborhood Builder Level 1 Benefits +10 more VIP Tickets + 3D printed 5-inch "mini-you"

$3,000 - Receive
Platform 3
Level 3 Village Builder Level 2 Benefits + run your train in our world
(subject to Co-Engineer Training Class)
$5,000 - Receive
Platform 4
Town Builder 3 Benefits + 5-inch "mini-you" in our Builder's Circle +
VIP invite x2 to Grand Opening
$10,000 - Receive
Platform 5
County Builder Level 4 Benefits + Lifetime VIP Passport + Guest
+ Private Tour for 4 with Founders
$25,000 - Receive
Platforml 6
State Builder Level 5 Benefits + Lifetime VIP Family Passport for 6 +
Private Tour & Reception for 12 with Founders
$50,000 - Receive
Platform 7
 Country Builder Level 6 Benefits + Special Access to Facility +
 Your Home or Office Built in our world


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