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Images below are from the BETA Test version of the MWOT that operated from
2013 until 2015 and was created with the talents of our team of creative volunteers from around the world.
The test displays were designed by Founder and President of the Now Cloased Non Profit Mini World Frank Ruby.

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Overall Project Update

You may be aware that back in 2019 the
MWOT Project got very close to getting the 60,000sf Roper Mountain Rd location but was out bid by a major corporation.
Then Covid delayed the project for 2 years but in late 2021 we started to search for another venue.

As of this update there has been delay in the $800K - $1.5M funding according to CEO Kelly Orr. Funds were to be released by this time but have been delayed due delays with software designs at Mr. Orr's principle business, Gold Tech Services a Point Of Sale software design company. This delay as well as Covid related staffing issues over the last two years have delayed to funding of Lilliput LLC
dba Miniature World Of Trains™.  This delay will be resolved by the end of the first quarter of 2023.

At this point the Kelly Orr and Frank Ruby would like to thank all of the donors to the
MWOT Project via Frank's business, Blue Ridge Hobbies LLC. The first two quarters of donations have been processed and we are currently holding all third and forth quarter donations for processing in the first quarter of 2023 at this point. Frank Ruby has already invested over $100K in initial startup funding for project development.

However, this funding delay should not deter anyone from donating or investing. The sooner the project can reach the first level of $800K in cash funding, the sooner the project can start construction and be prepared to open in late 2023.

With the current mid term elections being completed and what seems to be an impending recession coming in 2023, believe it or not, 2023 would be a great time to open Phase I of the MWOT Project! With the low admission cost that we are projecting for the initial opening in late 2023, it should open with a high attendance level as visitors will be looking for low cost entertainment options during the recession.

By opening Phase I during the recession it will only out the MWOT Project in a great position for attendance after the recession has ended!

The MWOT Project has been developing proprietary effects never  before used in large scale model railroad displays in North America, including projection mapping for example! Also, MWOT will not be like any other model train museum. It will be unique and will have state of the art equipment and displays. No "hand me downs".

MWOT will be located in a new, clean and handicap accessible facility. No chances for health concerns like at some other venues around the USA. The venue will be heated and air conditioned for the comfort of our quests and the operational performance of the displays. Also, there will be ample parking and easy access for vehicles.

The venue will be operated by professionals and volunteers 365 days a year to enhance your experiences.

Most of the lease locations for the venue are still available so the sooner the project gets funded, the better our chances at getting a long term location that we can grow into, can be leased and construction can begin!

You help the MWOT Project in the following ways:

Invest Or Donate Directly

Volunteer / Join The Team


Location Update

As of this update the 'Wood Location' has been ruled out due to impending road construction that will block the entrance to the location. This would mean that the situation for a couple of years would be similar to that of the BETA test location. So that is not acceptable.

Since then we have found another location that is around 50,000sf. We are in negotiations for this space as well as the 'Gold Location' as of this update. The issue at hand is there is competition for these locations from a large corporations. So we need to get funded no later than September 2022 so we can compete.  Also, we are looking at 2 additional smaller locations next week as well as a back up to the ones we want.

Donations and Investment have slowed due to the surging gas prices and overall terrible cost of living. Despite this, donations and investments are still coming in to the
MWOT Project. We are expecting a very large investments in September from one if not two individuals. This will allow the MWOT Project to sign the lease in September so we can start construction shortly there after if not before.

Keep in mind that the MWOT Project should be very successful in both a floundering economy and the superior red hot favorable economy. The reason is the price point and bang for the buck the visitors get so they will spend their available dollars at the MWOT™.  The quality of the project that will we offer will be a draw for locals as well as regional visitors if gas prices and the cost of living remain high into 2023 and 2024. The MWOT Project  will be an excellent entertainment value for the price and the location we choose.

Regardless of the location picked the station track area of the City of Greenburg will remain the same size as well as the Christmas Model Train Display.

With that in mind, over the next 60 days planning and construction will begin. First on the station and then the Christmas Display.

So, if you live in the Greenville, SC we will be needing some daytime help to start the display construction.

Invest Or Donate Directly

Volunteer / Join The Team

Help From The Model Railroad Press?

As of email we have had zero assistance from the model railroad media after we have attempted to get two press releases about the project sent in November and April mentioned anywhere.

While the project has spent money with ads in the NMRA Magazine, Model Railroader and Classic Toy Trains,  they have refused to mention the Miniature World of Trains even in passing. You wuld think that they would want to help promote a big model railroading project like ours but they have been silent, yet they will take our money for advertising with them.

We have planned to announce the project locally a couple of times but the timing and news of the day have not timed out well.

Toronto Here We Come

CEO Kelly Orr will be in Toronto for business with one of his clients. The plan is that he will be visiting Little Canada.
Little Canada is another very detailed large model train display depicting specific areas in Canada. Kelly will be trying to meet with the CEO and Founder to compare operational philosophy's between what they are doing and what we are planning. 


New Crowd Funding account set up with Patreon!

To help fund the new Miniature World of Trains via Patreon



The MWOT Project now has 90 Investors / Donors that have given the new venue a cash infusion as we get closer to the minimum cash funding goal of $800K.

Another Model Railroader Newsletter ad is now scheduled for May 12th.


The MWOT Project credit card processing is finally set up so all  MWOT™  donations can now be processed. Sorry for the delay. They will show up on you statements as Miniature World Of Trains.   Thanks again for your donations!

So far the MRH (Model Railroad Hobbyist), Model Railroader and Classic Toy Trains have gotten  MWOT

a lot of great exposure but we still need a lot of help!

Invest Or Donate Directly

Join The Team


 The big funding investment / donor / volunteer push started on 04/19/22 with a newsletter ad in MRH (Model Railroad Hobbyist and today the first of two newsletter ads with Model Railroader will be sent and next Wednesday the 27th the add for the Classic Toy Trains newsletter with the second ad running on May 11th. Plus in late June a half page display ad will appear in the NMRA Magazine!

We still seeking a minimum cash funding level of $800k to $1.5M  or more for Phase I scheduled to now open in the 3rd or 4th quarter of  2023!

Invest Or Donate Directly

Join The Team


Samples of Audio are now available to listen to.  30 minutes of venue sounds which are part of the 4D Experience from the Christmas Model Train Display and the Main Display Area are featured!



CEO Kelly Orr has approved additional advertising in the MRH (Model Railroad Hobbyist) email newsletter starting with the next available addition.

Also, new 30 minute audio sample of sounds from the main venue display area are now available on our YouTube Channel. This sample highlights background ambient sounds from station crowd noise to station public address announcements from train stations from around the world as well as scanner communications from some US railroads.


CEO Kelly Orr approved fundraising advertising for the Model Railroading and Classic Toy Trains for the end of April and beginning of May 2022. Also, a half page color display ad for the NMRA Magazine.


Funding push will be starting this April to reach some 120,000 model railroaders via advertisements in both the Model Railroader and Classic Toy Trains magazine news letters followed by display ads in the August issue of each of these magazines and a display ad in the July NMRA magazine as well.

The ads will introduce the Lilliput LLC
and the Miniature World of Trains to people that are not aware of the venue as a for profit. Also that we are looking to raise at least $800k to $1.5M from investors, donors and volunteers to help secure the venue and build Phase I for a late 2023 opening.


At this point our main funding source for the bulk of the $800K has pushed the funding date out until the end of the  3rd quarter of 2022. This effectively pushes the Christmas Model Train Display
back to a 2023 opening with a possible MWOT Phase I opening by the end of the 3rd quarter of 2023.


As of this update over $130,000 has been invested in Lilliput LLC. We still need at least another $800K invested to get the Christmas Model Train Display and start building Phase I of the Miniature World of Trains display.

Invest Or Donate Directly

Join The Team

22 hours of ambient audio for Central Station and the main display areas have been produced as well as 10 hours of  upbeat and popular Christmas music for the Christmas Model Train Display area has been completed.


EIN number is received and TD Bank will be the official bank.

Invest Or Donate Directly

Join The Team



Finally the corporate filing with the Secretary of State has come back so Lilliput LLC is now officially a South Carolina Corporation.


The Miniature World of Trains
™  just received updated leasing information for the Gold Location today. The current tenant that MWOT would be sub leasing from has a lease that would expire in 2026. Then under the proposal with the property owner, the lease then would revert back to the owner and MWOT would then be leasing directly with the property owner thus making it a seamless transition for leasing the space. This is great news as we continue working on getting the funding together and the lease for this location approved. However, there are still to other irons in the fire with the Wood and Wade locations still in play until a final decision  is made. The Gold location is far and above the favorite location.

Also, thanks to all of you that have donated and invested with MWOT over the last month as we move closer and closer to securing the minimum of $800K in initial cash funding.


The Miniature World of Trains
™  Press Release sent to help promote our plans.


The Miniature World of Trains
™   will start the major fund raising on November 30th for small and large investors and donors.


The Miniature World of Trains
™  continues to move ahead!

While the MWOT
™  has not yet finalized as leased location and that most likely will not happen until the first quarter of 2022.

As of this update there are three locations in play, both highly visible and on main roads with plenty of parking for cars, buses, mobile homes and semi trucks. Each location is handicapped accessible, heated and air conditioned and have excellent rest room facilities!

Coming up in the next two weeks our General Contractor, Southerland Construction, will be at each location accessing the needs for additional walls and upgrades to these spaces for the needs of MWOT

Lilliput LLC dba Miniature World of Trains
™  corporate paperwork and Tax Identification Number (TIN) and registered with the South Carolina Secretary Of State will be finalized next and the back of record will be TD Bank. Credit Card processing via our secure website will be functional by Thanksgiving.

Design of the Christmas Model Train Display
has started for both locations as the CMTD room sizes are virtually the same! We have made arrangements to build the display offsite and then move it to the permanent leased location.

We will begin sending email updates as needed.


It seems there may be some confusion about what the Miniature World of Trains
is so let's clear that up.

First, MWOT
is not a club or a group of retired people that want to run model trains on a large layout.

It is a for profit business along the lines of Miniatur Wunderland, Little Canada and Entertrainment Junction but better! So it is "Our World In Miniature
" and a "Fun And Family Friendly Entertainment Experience" that will be open to the public a minimum of 5 days a week and the major holidays!

The plan is to combine all of the elements of these profitable open to the public displays on a grand scale and help promote model railroading at the same time in a large, clean, easily accessible venue.

So the new location we are pursing does just that!

First of all to our knowledge MWOT
 will be the first we will have to lease its new location for now.

It we be run by a team of experienced model  railroaders that have expertise in customer service and attention to detail and have run successful businesses. It will be run much like the Disney Theme Parks. We will have paid employees supplemented by volunteers. Even some of the investors will be part of the management or be part of the day to day operational staff. People from around the USA and in fact the world will be helping to create the displays inside the Miniature World of Trains

The displays will employ both new and old technologies along with some technologies never before applied to model railroading. Everything we can do to make a visit become an experience will be done. While we can not divulge exactly what will be done at this time, all we can say is that some of what we are planning has never been done before for large scale model train displays, at least here in the USA!

The Miniature World of Trains
is not a free venue to visit, there will be an admission fee with a planned free area of a retail store and quick service restaurant that anyone can visit at anytime during normal operating hours.

With this new location close to downtown Greenville, SC, it will be close to I-85 (the busiest interstate in the southeast) as possible or  I-385, along with being near the Greenville County School Districts Roper Mountain Science Center and Greenville's Downtown and museum district, close to the Greenville Convention Center and   the thriving regional mall and shopping area, near other family entertainment venues, the new for profit MWOT
should be success.

Invest Or Donate Directly

Join The Team





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