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A native of Long Island, NY, an entrepreneur who has vast experience in business management having worked in banking, customer service and the travel industry. Frank has been in customer relations and business management in the corporate, retail and travel industries having worked for such companies as American Express, Barclays Bank and Burger King. An avid model railroader since the 1960's he has built the very successful Blue Ridge Hobbies an internet based retail hobby store with a brick and mortar location since 2005. While many in this category have closed BRH continues to be an industry leader. Frank left his position in banking in 2007 when his online business growth required it. Frank is also one of the original founders of the Mini World of Trains non profit and served as Executive Director and General Manager from June 2010 until June 2015. He was the main driving force that keep the Mini World of Trains non profit operational despite the many challenges the non profit faced. During his time as Executive Director, he developed the highly successful Miniature World of Trains(TM) concept and design. He is the founder of the new  MWOTSC LLC dba Miniature World of Trains(TM) and he has traveled extensively around the world visiting many model railroad and prototype railroad museum's to help aid in the creation of the Miniature World of Trains(TM).  His expertise and vision make him uniquely qualified to lead the Miniature World of Trains(TM).

Frank is the Creative Mind behind the Miniature World of Trains(TM) concept.
P.E., FNSPE, Elected SPFE Fellow

Fire Protection and Engineering Services. Former SC State Fire Marshall.
Owner of McCall and Sons.

The Society of Fire Protection Engineers, SFPE, named George H. McCall, P.E., FNSPE, as one of the twelve new members of its 2016 class of Fellows. SFPE Fellows represent a distinguished group of members who have achieved a standard of excellence in the profession. Out of a total SFPE membership of almost 4,200, there are only 276 fellows. Election to Fellow not only recognizes the achievements of fire protection engineers as individuals, but also their significant contribution to fire protection engineering and society globally. McCall has been involved in fire protection for most of his adult life, having started as a volunteer firefighter in 1973. He served with the Greenville (SC) area Fire Department and Emergency Response Team (Hazardous Material Division), finally retiring as the Fire Marshal of the Wade Hampton (SC) Fire Department. He earned a degree in Electrical Engineering from Clemson University in the 70s and became licensed in Fire Protection Engineering in 2003. For over 20 years, he also served as an Adjunct Instructor at the South Carolina Fire Academy, which taught basic interior structural fire fighting, building construction, and South Carolina State Fire Marshal Certification. McCall became a Professional Member of SFPE in 1999, and has been particularly active since 2003, when he became a member of a group tasked to develop the "The Code Officialís Guide to Performance-Based Design Review". From 1996 to2005, he was a member and later Chairman, of the SC State Firemenís Association, Higher Education Committee, which established standards for undergraduate and graduate degrees for fire fighters, primarily in business and technical areas. He also worked on the development of the fire code for the Southern Building Code Congress International and International Code Council. Since 2007, he has been a member of SFPE Licensing Committee, whose tasks include developing testing questions in the field ofFire Protection Engineering for the national exam. He is active in other volunteer efforts such as being a member of the National Fire Protection Associationís Technical Correlating Committee on Safety to Life(NFPA 101, Life Safety Code); participating in the South Carolina State Guardís Engineering Detachment; mentoring students; actively participating in the South Carolina Society of Professional Engineers; and giving more than thirty presentations on topics such as sprinkler design; fire alarm design; and smoke control systems. McCall is currently President of McCall & Son in Greenville, SC. SFPE is a global organization representing those practicing in the fields of fire protection engineering and fire safety engineering. SFPEís mission is to define, develop, and advance the use of engineering best practices; expand the scientific and technical knowledge base; and educate the global fire safety community, in order to reduce fire risk. SFPE members include fire protection engineers, fire safety engineers, fire engineers, and allied professionals, all of whom are working towards the common goal of engineering a fire safe world.

George is also a model railroader.



Model Railroader (NMRA #113974 MER #7388 Div 12), Electronics and DCC Specialist. Owner of RR - Circuits SC  

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