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Images below are from the BETA Test version of the MWOT that operated from
2013 until 2015 and was created with the talents of our team of creative volunteers from around the world.
The test displays were designed by CEO and  General Manager Frank Ruby.

Click on images to enlarge


2018 / 2019



It seems there may be some confusion about what the Miniature World of Trains
™ is so let's clear that up.

First, MWOT
™ is not a club or a group of retired people that want to run model trains on a large layout.

It is a for profit business along the lines of Miniatur Wunderland, Little Canada and Entertrainment Junction but better! So it is "Our World In Miniature
™" and a "Fun And Family Friendly Entertainment Experience™" that will be open to the public a minimum of 5 days a week and the major holidays!

The plan is to combine all of the elements of these profitable open to the public displays on a grand scale and help promote model railroading at the same time in a large, clean, easily accessible venue.

So the new location we are pursing does just that!

First of all to our knowledge MWOT
™  will be the first to own and not lease its location. We will own it! That means we have total control of the venue and the surrounding 9 acres, the 60,000sf of model railroading and related activities throughout the entire building and outside.

It we be run by a team of experienced model  railroaders that have expertise in customer service and attention to detail. It will be run much like the Disney Theme Parks. We will have paid employees supplemented by volunteers. Even some of the investors will be part of the management or day to day operational staff. People from around the USA and in fact the world will be helping to create the displays inside the Miniature World of Trains

The displays will employ both new and old technologies along with some technologies never before applied to model railroading. Everything we can do to make a visit become an experience will be done. While we can not divulge exactly what will be done at this time, all we can say is that some of what we are planning has never been done before for large scale model train displays, at least here in the USA!

The Miniature World of Trains
™ is not a free venue to visit, but there will be a free area of  2 retail stores and quick service restaurant that anyone can visit at anytime during normal operating hours.

With this new location being 1 mile for the regions major interchange of I-85 (the busiest interstate in the southeast) and I-385, along with being across from the Greenville County School Districts Roper Mountain Science Center, 1 mile from the thriving regional mall and shopping area, near other family entertainment venues, the new for profit MWOT
™ should be success.

Invest Or Donate Directly

Join The Team


It has been 60 days now since the meeting of investors at the Congaree Rd location for the proposed leased location for MWOT
™  and new information has become available.

2 weeks ago I was approached by the owner of 401 Roper Mountain Rd about purchasing this currently empty building. This location has been empty for 10 years now and is in fair shape but it needs some work. Even with the needed work for this 60,000sf permanent location, it is currently the best option for the project.

Last week the investor team, our realtor, MWOT
™ advisor former city and state Fire Marshall and construction engineer and the building owners representative went to visit the property.

I personally visited this location back in October of 2010 and the building was in great shape then. A couple of different time I met with the building owner to see about working out a 'deal' for the non profit version of MWOT
™,  however that did  not work out.

As of today we are getting close to making an offer to buy the building, make necessary repairs to walls, doors and ceiling tiles as well as upgrading the HVAC system.

The base versions of the MWOT
™ main Miniature World of Trains™ display will be located in a 10,000sf area with the new Christmas Model Train Display™  located in another 2,000sf area  of the 60,000 venue.

There is room for 6 other displays, a small video theater, Mini Museum
™ area,  children's area, two training / conference rooms, three party rooms, locomotive servicing, model building, A/V production, 2 retail stores and a quick service restaurant. As well as the very large Central Station™ ticketing area.

The facility is fully climate controlled (air conditioning and gas heat), handicap accessible, excellent and plentiful resttoom facilities, parking for 100's of cars, stretch vans, buses and semi trucks! Even two picnic areas!

The venue is centrally located right across from the Roper Mountain Science Center just 1 mile from the
 I-85 / I 385 interchange! So perfect location with easy access and close to all the major shopping centers (Haywood Mall, Greenridge and Magnolia Park) and several other family oriented family attractions!

So there is plenty potential for this location.

We have ongoing meetings with the banks to secure the bulk of the funding for the project but there will still be a need of about $700K in cash to allow MWOT
™ to access the other $7M needed for Phase I.

This venue, as of this update will be the largest model railroad miniature world in the America's. And the best thing is we will own the building!

Here are some links to check out

Satellite Location View

Drone Flyover

P&L Projections

Construction Projections

Return On Investments (ROI)

ROI Calculator

Building Schedule


MWOT™ Display


The meeting went will on August 3rd however the funding still eludes MWOT
™ !

I have personally invested $120K at this point far shot of the $800K to move this new version forward.

So, we are going to try some Crowd Funding.



Meeting at the new venue

AUGUST 3rd at 10am
455 Congaree Rd

(behind Haywood Mall and between Greens Liquors and Verizon)

Potential Investors, Donors, Volunteers and other interested parties should attend!

I will go over the over project from top to bottom and answer all questions.

Since there is no seating, please bring a chair.

So, please help me create this project by either investing, donating or volunteering!




The Miniature World of Trains™  was notified last week that the pending property sale is now not going to happen! That is good news but has now delayed the opening of any display so the Christmas Model Train Display™ may not be able to open this Christmas. But I am working on that as of this email.

So, with the Congaree location back in play, I am trying to finalize the lease with a new addition to protect MWOT
™ from losing any money if the owner was to sell. I am awaiting the new lease with this provision added.

Also, since this location is back and is the best option for MWOT
™, I have also begun the process to purchase the building and land with my bank. This way MWOT™ will own the property from the outset.

Also, as a back up plan there are three lease locations available near BRH that I am looking into in a large shopping center. Two spaces of over 9,000sf are available as well as another 4,000sf location that would allow the opening of the Christmas Model Train Display
™ for 2019.

I should have more information for a 2019 opening within the next two weeks!


Looks like the sale announced on 05/09/19 is not going to happen. With this delay the opening of the Christmas Model Train Display™ is now in jeopardy. Stay tuned!


Today we received notification that the owner of the building on Congaree Rd has received a full price offer to buy the building. The potential new owner needs a tenant so the realtor will be pitching our proposal to the new owner.


Online article on about new location



Our New Semi Permanent Location Will Be
455 Congaree Rd Greenville, SC!
(subject to the $800K in funding we are seeking)

Location is next to the regional, thriving, Haywood Mall!

Located in main retail area for the Upstate of South Carolina with high visibility
 right next to the mall and I-385.

Easy access from I-385 at the Roper Mountain Rd exit (one mile from the I-85 / I-385 interchange)
 or Haywood Rd exit (two miles from the I-85 / I-385 interchange).

Close to the Roper Mountain Science Center, Greenville Zoo and 5 minutes from Downtown and the area
museums that include the Children's Museum. Also two family fun centers, Frankies Fun Park and Sparetime
and nearby as well!

This is a high vehicle traffic area and is very accessible from all areas of Greenville and the Upstate

This location has great visibility from I-385 and has ample parking
The venue is easy handicap accessibility and is heated, air conditioned and  fully carpeted!

Location Images

To Donate or Invest


New fundraising video uploaded to YouTube

Final push to achieve the fundraising goal of $800,000 has begun. This goal needs to be achieved by June 1 so that
we can start the needed 4 month interior construction needed before layout construction / assembly can begin.

The Christmas Model Train Display™ will require 90 days to complete for the November opening! This display could generate a gross income of
$50,000 to $100,000 in just 7 weeks! So we need to move ahead ASAP thus the need to get the bulk of the $800,000 in the bank as soon as possible!

To Donate or Invest


I heard for the owners realtor for the new location for MWOT™ this week. He advised I should have the response from the building owners and their attorney this coming week. But,  according to the realtor, it looks good to complete the deal.

However, as I have stated in past updates, initial funding is the critical part of this 'attraction' and this is a great investment opportunity that will help promote model railroading unlike any other large scale model train display in the world!

Two weeks ago I was back at the facility with the Audio Video,  sheet rockers, painters and carpeting contactors for the project. That's right, for the most part MWOT™ employees and volunteers will not be working on the hard construction this time around. The MWOT team will be creating the new Christmas Model Train Display™ and the new main Miniature World™ display. Both displays have been planned and designed and are ready to start building tomorrow if the funding is in place!

So, now is the time!

So, again,
you can invest a minimum of $100 or donate what ever you would like  in Miniature World Of Trains™ and become part owner of what will be "the next big attraction" and a great addition to the model railroading hobby!
You could share in a projected $17M net profit in 7 years!

GoFundMe Fundraising page now live!
Click Here To View


Invest Or Donate Directly


I learned this past Thursday that the owner of the location for the new MWOT™ will be responding to our Letter Of Intent. I understand that one of the two owners viewed the LOI favorably. I expect to have this by the end of next week.

Also, this week I visited the new location with the General Contractor and the HVAC and Electrical Contractors. On Tuesday I will be back at the new location with the Audio Visual team and the Carpet Installers.

So, the new MWOT™ continues to move forward. The trick is getting the funding in place.

So, again,
you can invest a minimum of $100 or donate what ever you would like  in Miniature World Of Trains™ and become part owner of what will be "the next big attraction" and a great addition to the model railroading hobby!
You could share in a projected $17M net profit in 7 years!

GoFundMe Fundraising page now live!
Click Here To View


To Donate or Invest


We have been busy in the background working on the funding of MWOT™ for the first phase of the project. We are hoping and are currently working with some of the top model railroad manufacturers seeking there monetary investment in MWOT™. The industry support is crucial to the success of  MWOT. We should know something within the next 60 days! What has been purposed from the manufacturers looks promising!


Letter Of Intent has been submitted to the landlord about the leasing of the project location. Once the terms have been agreed to we can move forward.


New GoFundMe Fundraising page now live!
Click Here To View


New Pre Construction Images from the interior of the leased location just added.
Click Here To View

City of Greenville leased location feasibility study information just added
Click Here To View

01/29/19 Let The Fundraising Begin!



SUBJECT: The New Miniature World of Trainsä

Greenville, SC - In the works since the closing of the non profit BETA Test location in 2015, the new for profit Miniature World of Trainsä announces a new larger version of the large interactive model railroad display.

The new for profit LLC is seeking investors for the $2M project that will be located in a very central location with easy access, free parking, handicap accessibility and will be fully climate controlled.

Investors, both large and small, are welcomed to participate in helping fund the for profit project scheduled to open with the NEW Christmas Model Train Displayä in November 2019 and the new Miniature World of Trainsä display early 2020. The are three other displays planned for the 14,000sf location that will be built over the next four to five years making a total of 5 displays!

The New Miniature World of Trainsä main display will feature a large city and mountain area that reaches 9 feet tall! There will be over 100 computerized trains in HO Scale running on the display, thousands of miniature people, tree and vehicles along with interactive buttons to operate some of the trains, industries and whimsical scenes located throughout the display.

Also, the NEW Christmas Model Train Displayä will have all new O Scale trains running all year long in the North Pole themed display.

The Miniature World of Trainsä concept was created and developed by former non profit Executive Director and President Frank Ruby back in 2010. The non profit BEAT Test in downtown Greenville, SC generated over 80,000 visitors from around despite the huge parking issues in the Falls Park area.

The new location will feature a total of 5 highly detailed displays, retail model train store and two party / conference rooms that will be available to rent. Also, the MWOTä project will have hands on experiences and Do It Yourself classes along with educational S.T.E.A.M programs.

While at this time we can not divulge the location, the lease has been negotiated and the project is awaiting funding.

Please help us get the word out about this great opportunity for people to invest in a proven family themed entertainment alternative in Greenville, South Carolina


Contact: Frank Ruby
Phone: 864 255 4671 Corporate Office @ Blue Ridge Hobbies

Address: Miniature World of Trains
Corporate Office
2327 N Pleasantburg Dr Ste H
Greenville SC 29609


01/27/19 New fundraising video uploaded to YouTube. Visit the MWOT YouTube channel click here:

01/25/19 The first fund raising packages have been sent to potential investors to help fund the initial $2M needed for the 14,000sf Lease/Purchase location in Greenville, SC.

01/15/19 Meeting at the proposed new leased venue with the city to review the proposed plan for the building went well today. The proposed changes and updates to the building are within the parameters and needs for this location. Next step is to receive the letter of requirements for this location from the city which should happen within the next week.

01/10/19 Updated MWOT™ Phase I display track plan has been completed.

01/07/19 Meeting today with the project general contractor and architect at proposed leased location. The meeting concerned egress and fir protection issues. The team will need to meet with the city regarding this in the next week.


12/15/18 The new MWOT POP UP
™ continues to move forward for a 2019 opening of the new Christmas Model Train Display™ and maybe some of the new Miniature World of Trains™ display, but at this point, MWOT
™ is scheduled for an April 2020 opening.

I met with the General Contractor for the project about revisions to the interior of the building to help facilitate the needs of the project, and at this point, all looks good.

My intent is to have a total of 3 displays operating by 2021 and another by 2023 inside this new location!

The new MWOT
™ Display will be featuring some new technology never before seen, at this point, on a Western Hemisphere Display of this type. The new MWOT™ track plan has just about been  finalized. Once I have approval from the city regarding the interior changes to the building, we should be able to move forward quickly.

I am looking for investors for the new Miniature World of Trains for a cash infusion of $2,000,000 to complete PHASE I of the project. Based on attendance numbers from the old downtown BETA location there should be no issues with making a profit!

Join the MWOT
™ Team as an investor or a volunteer today!

12/07/18 - The MWOT™ has found a new home for the next 5 to 7 years! The owner is willing to work with the project much like the owner of the downtown location. The lease still needs to be signed of course but there are several items that need to be discussed with the city, our general contractor, plus launching the $2M funding program that is needed to move the new LLC forward.

The major players to help build the new, what we are calling "MWOT Pop Up
™" and "Miniature World of Trains Pop Up™" are still on board in helping develop the new technologies .  The reason for new name is temporary location to build interest in the concept while moving toward building a permanent 35,000 to 60,000sf location in Greenville.

With the site migration to the new server, the Volunteer Sign, Donation / Invest and Email Sign Up pages are currently not functioning properly.

12/01/18 - The MWOT™ website was offline for the last 30 days as we migrated to site to a new, faster server.

In a couple of days the push to get the new Miniature World of Trains
™ funded in full will begin. Based on the attendance numbers from the BETA test location in downtown, a new location will make a lot of money with a highly visible location with free parking!

Since the location we wanted to build at seems to be out of reach right now, I am looking at a leased location for the next version of MWOT
™ I will be visiting the property on Monday 12/3 and will pass on information from that visit with the next update.

For what information I have right now the location looks very good and the building owners seems to be on board with what the project intent is. Much like the owners of the downtown location.

The project will be a for profit LLC with a good amount of parking in a central location with easy access for visitors from around the region and the world. The building has great handicap access, is heated and air conditioned and is very appealing building. Rent is reasonable as well, much like the BETA test location.

The original Phase I cost of the project proposed cost was $1.5M but costs have increased now to about $2M to get Phase I started so investors will be needed. The BETA test cost about $500K to build.

The new Miniature World of Trains
™ will completely new with new features never before seen before on any model train display anywhere in the world to the best of our knowledge.

11/25/18  - After an bit of an illness in September that did not allow much work on the project in September and early October plus a week vacation in October that took me out of the country doing research for MWOT, the MWOT website is back online.

08/15/18 - I have started to move the website to a new server.

08/10/18 - We received a counter offer from the property owner increasing the asking price by double what we where originally told. So as of now, this location is off the table.

07/31/18 - We made an offer on the proposed location for the new to be built from scratch location and are awaiting the reponse from the property owner.

07/28/18 -The reboot of the Miniature World of Trains™ project is moving along at this point. While I still can not give specifics on the location and the project yet, what I can tell you is this.  The new 501c3 paperwork is in process, the Letter Of Intent and offer has been made for the land. The owner of the land may donate it but we are still planning on purchasing it. We have the basic layout of the buildings for the display and retail / restaurant areas from the General Contractor. The retail / restaurant and ticketing area (RRT) will feature a minimum 60ft tower that will make it the tallest structure in the area! Also, we have met with and are still meeting with several banks regarding the overall funding of Phase I of the project which is at $6,700,000 at this point. Phase I of the Miniature World of Trains™  will have never before seen technology used to help create "Our World In Miniature"™!

Work has already begun at the property in preparation for the start of construction of the project to start in the first quarter of 2019 with parts of PHASE I of the Miniature World of Trains
™  to start construction offsite to help speed up the process. This will include the 2019 Christmas Model Train Display™ as well!

07/19/18 Updates from the special effects team and the project architect due next week so phase I design can begin.

07/18/18 Water infrastructure improvements have begun at the preferred location.

07/12/18 Rob Neilson is an advisor and Director of Business Development at Fusion Commercial AV has joined as an advisor on our special effects teamWhile not a model railroader, Rob has extensive knowledge in audio / visual equipment and is helping the special effects team create new and exciting sensory effects at the Miniature World of Trains™

07/09/18 Meeting with professional special effects team went well today. The team will be creating some of the over the top special effects for PHASE I  and beyond.

07/02/18 More infrastructure information on the new location. Piedmont Natural gas has sent us an estimate to get a new gas line to the property. YIKES -- almost $200K!.

06/26/18 Meeting today with Greenville Water. New 12" high pressure line to be installed on property with estimated completing time 4th Quarter 2018 and new water tap for the new building. We are awaiting word from RE-WA about the sewer line tap and the availability of natural gas for this location as of this update. Development of the day / night lighting has began and a meeting and potential design for the first phase building has begun with the general contractor.

06/25/18 - Meeting with the property owner went will. J

06/25/18 - Meeting with the property owner went will. Just a few other items on infrastructure to figure out now. ust a few other items on infrastructure to figure out now.

06/24/18 It has been decided that the internal team will build most of the PHASE I  display. However, the Phase I city (currently at 4' x 40' in size)
will be built by a professional model building team.

06/15/18 - We will be meeting with the property owner in just over one week to start to finalize the sale of the land to us! We are getting closer and closer to the dream being built!

06/14/18 - Today we received word the Duke Energy has power available at the new location which is great news. Still unknown at this time is whether there is availability of natural gas, phone / internet, water and sewer available at this location. We can always go wireless for the phone and internet so that is not a push, but sewer and water are critical. Once this information is obtained we can move forward faster.

06/07/18 - Today we received some costs that will need to be incurred at the new location from the SCDOT and Charter Communications for internet service. SCDOT upgraded intersection will have an estimated cost of $100,000 and to add internet to the property will cost $30,000! We are still awaiting cost on electric, gas, water and sewer. But we are still moving forward as we are awaiting a generalized cost of the first phase building.

06/01/18 - The property we have been after for going on 3 years is available so we are moving forward to get this location secured.
MWOT is now contacting the proper city, county and state authorities, electric, gas, water and internet access providers to make sure the property is accessible for all infrastructure services. This should take a couple of weeks to confirm.


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