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The Minaiture World of Trains(TM) is a new LLC that will create the largest
model railroad museum in North America.

The concept for the museum was developed by Frank Ruby from 2009-2015 and
tested as a non profit museum from 2013 until 2015 when it closed. That closure was not
due to lack of interest by the public, but the parking situation and new construction in
downtown Greenville, SC. This was not anticipated in early 2013 when the 2 year lease was
signed by the non profit for the BETA test of the concept.

Building a large HO scale model railroad concept is not new in the world and was a success
here in Greenville, South Carolina opened as the Miniature World of Trains
a 501c3 non profit. The problem with the Miniature World of Trains
(TM) non profit simply explained
was the problem of fund raising as a non profit during the economic downturn from 2008 until 2015.
The non profit could not raise enough funds all at one time to secure a large location to allow it to grow.
Just not enough cash on hand could be raised.

The overall concept is sound.

The Miniature World of Trains
(TM) drew close to 40,000 visitors during its
2 year short run in downtown Greenville, South Carolina despite the parking issues in the
Falls Park / West End area of the city. Attempts to secure a larger venue for future expansion failed
due to the lack of cash on hand. The problem was the concept was never capitalized properly from the
start. While all of the bills where paid at the downtown location, there was never enough
cash to allow the project to move forward and grow. Donations where there but MWOT
never found large dollar donations all at one time.

Examples world wide are Miniatur Wunderland (Hamburg Germany), Grand Market Russia Interactive
Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia), MiniWorld (Rotterdam, Netherlands), Chicago Museum Of Science
and Industry (Chicago, Illinois), Entertrainment Junction (Cincinnati, Ohio) and Our Home and Miniature
Land (Toronto, Canada), Porsche Museum (Berchtesgaden, Germany) just to name a few.

New miniature railroad displays in New York City and Toronto open or soon to open.

These examples have one thing in common. They are personally funded by individuals,
corporations or governmental agencies and are very very successful.
For example, Miniatur Wunderland attracts over one million visitors per year!

The Miniature World of Trains
(TM) had one short full. It started with zero dollars back in 2009.
Despite this, it was able to garner close to $500,000 in furniture, fixtures and equipment donations and
income from cash donations and admissions that allowed it to create a Christmas Model Train Display
back in 2011 that ran for 5 years and was a Greenville favorite. Then in 2013 the Miniature World
of Trains
(TM) opened in a test venue in downtown Greenville with the hope of generating enough
income to allow it to move into a much larger venue in 2015. That did not occur due
to the parking issues in the area since September 2014.

Click Here for more information on the non profit failure.

With that said, the Miniature World of Trains
(TM) concept is great and similar displays around the world
are making millions of dollars each year. The Miniature World of Trains
(TM) was just cash poor!
There is great interest in the overall concept for a large highly detailed model train exhibit. I continually
get emails, calls and people visiting Blue Ridge Hobbies
(R) asking about the Miniature World of
Trains(TM), but due to a delay since the closing in July 2015 of the non profit, we have not had the
time to 'reboot' the concept.

The time has now arrived to get the museum concept back on track and open soon with
a new Christmas Model Train Display. This display in the past has garnered an income of $50,000
during the holiday season.

So the only way for the Miniature World of Trains
(TM) can be successful from the start is to fund it up front
with an initial cash funding of about $350,000 for a leased venue and minimum $1.4 million dollars
to buy land and build an new expandable building that will allow the museum to grow from
20,000sf to 60,000sf over time.

Click Here for more information on initial funding.

Click Here for more information on operating projections.

The the concept is the same as the Miniature World of Trains
(TM) but with cash on hand to secure a
large leased venue to create, at minimum, the first two to three phases of twenty phases for the
overall concept.

Click Here for more information on phases.

The Miniature World of Trains
(TM) is the same concept that has been developed by Frank Ruby.
With the concept fully funded to have an up front deposit for the lease of a venue of 5,000sf or more
will allow the Miniature World of Trains
(TM) the building, money for deposits, initial advertising,
pre opening displays, building PHASE I and initial salaries and
other items to open the museum properly. This initial funding will allow the museum not to
initially have cash any flow problems as the MWOT non profit had from 2009-2015. The non profit
could never get ahead to garner a large pool of cash.

The intent is to garner these funds as an LLC with the initial funding to be held in escrow until the
new building is located and lease or purchase is negotiated. There will be some
expenses incurred to develop concept like website deployment, city permits and licensing,
staff recruiting and much more.

Minimum amount that can invested in the Miniature World of Trains
(TM) LLC is $100.00.

If the concept does not open, your investment will be returned, less project development expenses based
on the percentage of the total dollars investment.

Please remember that this is an investment and you could lose all of that investment one the
Miniature World of Trains
(TM) signs the lease.

If you do not want to invest in the Miniature World of Trains LLC,
 you can donate money, time and equipment or become a volunteer
to help build and staff the museum.

Click here for more information on donating.

Click here for more information on corporate donation.

Click here for more information on volunteering.

Until the Miniature World of Trains(TM) moves into its new home, corporate headquarters will be at
Blue Ridge Hobbies located at 2327 N Pleasantburg Dr Ste H Greenville, SC 29609
Phone is 864-255-4671 and email is

Learn More About The Overall Miniature World of Trains(TM) Project Via An Old 2015
radio interview on 94.5 The Answer (WGKT) Just CLICK HERE.


Frank Ruby
President and CEO
Miniature World of Trains




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